Frequently Asked Questions


We need a destination wedding videographer who can travel to our location. Can you help?

Yes! We love travelling and capturing love stories so we can be very flexible in catering to different locations.

Please contact us to confirm our availability for your specific destination and we can create a customised quote.

Do you offer drone wedding videography?

Drone footage will really take your wedding video to new heights, and we do provide drone footage where possible. The use of drones is at our discretion on the day, as certain weather conditions, surroundings or regulations may prevent us from being able to fly at your wedding. This is why drone footage is included in all packages at no extra cost, just in case circumstances beyond our control mean we cannot provide it on the day.

How long do we have to wait to relive our special day on video?

Not long! Your 30-45 second sneak peek video will be sent through within 3 working days, the edited highlight film within 6 weeks and all remaining footage within 3 months. This allows us enough time to ensure the finished product is perfect, while you still get to start enjoying your video footage as soon as possible.

Do you outsource?

Never. We complete all filming and editing in-house, meaning all of the work is completed by Ivan and Tatiana to maintain our excellent level of quality from start to finish.

Most importantly, by filming and editing everything ourselves, none of the magic of your special day gets lost in the editing process. We understand your unique personality and the overall feeling of the day, and we ensure this is captured in your final video.

I’ve never worked with a videographer before. What’s it like to have you there on the day?

We work very discreetly in the background to capture your wedding while keeping you and your guests comfortable and relaxed. Our goal is to get all of those special moments, without you even noticing we’re there!

Not only does this keep your day stress-free, but further adds to the authenticity of your footage. We simply capture the people and the day as they are, no awkward posing necessary!

Why should I hire a videographer and a photographer for my wedding day? Isn’t a photographer enough?

Wedding photographs are beautiful to have, but ultimately they can only capture so much. Video captures the real, raw emotion of the day and all the little moments you may not have even seen yourself.

Here’s a word of advice from one of our customers:

“We loved our photos from our photographer too although we had such a great experience from you guys that we said if we had to choose between the photography or videography we would get video by far! Best wedding investment ever!”

Jessica and Sean